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Tim Troyer-Ringman
Tim has worked for Schweitzer Auction Service since the beginning in 1986 and is an experienced ringman and auction professional. Tim helps in setting up, taking bids, and assisting with the sale. Tim has a farming background and is a great asset to our team.

PD Gropp-Clerk

PD joined our staff in 2013 as an auction clerk.  PD also assists in auction prep, set-up, and various related auction duties.

Jean Jelinek-Cashier
Jean assists in getting our bidders checked in, and cashed out promptly and accurately after the sale. Jean takes pride in reconciling our auctions down to the penny, and with an accounting background she is very detail oriented and a valued asset to our team.

Samara Schweitzer- Cashier

Samara is the daughter of Brian Schweitzer has recently been added to our cashier staff in 2013.
Brandie Reblin- Cashier
Brandie joined Schweitzer Auction Service in 2012 as an auction cashier and brings along years of retail/customer service experience.

Ashley Cihal-Cashier

Ashley joined Schweitzer Auction Service as a cashier in 2014 and is a great addition to our team.

Stuart Mitchell-Stuart has helped Schweitzer Auction for a number of  years.  Stuart has an extensive background in Antiques, current trends, and collectibles. He helps with pre-auction identification, packing, auction set-up, as well as auction day support as ringman, and clerk.

Sydney & Anna Jelinek - Daughters of Scott & Jean Jelinek. The girls 'run' clerking sheets to the cashiers to keep the auction moving smoothly, and provide additional auction support.
Gary Hessman-Clerk
Gary is one of our long-time auction clerks, and does a fantastic job identifying items for sale, keeping track of bids, and realized prices of the items being sold. Gary keeps us on track and the auction moving along.
John Ahl-Ringman & Clerk
John assisted Schweitzer Auction Service for many years. John was a great ringman, clerk, and had an expansive background in auctions. John helped in auction set-up/sorting for many auctions. John passed away Aug 6, 2014 and has been greatly missed by all who knew him.